At this great and wonderful moment it would be very easy for me to descend into cliche, quote oft-quoted lines from well-known television shows or gush all over myself about how fortunate I am, have been and hope to continue to be.

I will resist that temptation except for this homage to the Science Fiction Book Club’s paperback book advertising inserts:

“Order Any Ten Books for a Dime!  Order More Books at Low Book Club Prices!”

If Amazing Stories had its own paperback book advertising insert, it would say something like this:

“Read Nearly 60 Bloggers for Free!  Read Them Every Day for Free!”

The anticipation I feel right now is something akin to what I felt the day I mailed that ten cents into the SFBC.  Pleasurable frustration mixed with just a hint of terror.

Back then a dime was nothing to sneeze at.  I’d spent quite a bit of time pouring over the offered selections and now the die was cast.  What if I’d chosen wrong?

I don’t think I did. Even four-plus decades later I still have those ten books (and the 4+ I had to buy to satisfy my membership requirements). They are now worth far more than a penny a piece and not just in resale value.  The authors I discovered, the ideas I discovered, the new friends I made. A wealth of culture was folded into those books.

I think you will find that this latest incarnation of Amazing Stories offers the same kind of opportunity. A very low cost of entry (free!) to gain access to a continuing cascade of fannish fun, experience, discovery and community.

And yes, there is even more!

Every fan joining the site as a member contributes directly to realizing the goal of returning Amazing Stories to publication. It is quite simple actually: the larger Amazing Stories’ audience is, the more attractive it becomes to advertisers and marketers.

It isn’t a bad deal: free membership, an opportunity to contribute to the community and a stake in bringing back the world’s first science fiction magazine!

So Welcome! Thank you for coming by. I urge you to join, I urge you to make your voice heard, enjoy the offerings by some of the best in the field and please, don’t forget to tell your friends.

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