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Pick Your Favorite Paul Poll: FINAL Round

We have reached the penultimate moment.  Following a grueling month of online contestation, nine candidates for the best, favoritist Frank R. Paul Amazing Stories cover (including the Annual and the Quarterly editions) have been chosen.

It is now time to face the awful, awesome responsibility of choosing one among the nine to accept the honors of being the most favorite.

Choose wisely my friends!

(Note: There was an image problem with Polldaddy and we were unable to add images of each of the covers to the poll – the add image system insisted on adding the same cover to each option, which would have been inherently unfair – so you will have to rely on the cover image mosaic that accompanies it to view your selection.)

(Note:  There are nine entrants since there was a tie in the the fourth round.)

May the BEST Paul Win!

final poll mosaic

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