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AMAZING PEOPLE: Kristina Grifantini Story Publication

featured sf horrorKristina Grifantini, one of our regular science post contributors, recently announced that her story Out To Pasture (KC Grifant) appears in the new anthology of horror science fiction WHAT HAS TWO HEADS, TEN EYES AND TERRIFYING TABLE MANNERS, edited by Sawney Hatton, from Mega Thump Publishing.

Kristina’s tale is joined by 13 others, along with an intro by the editor.

Considering that this anthology is dedicated to Dan O’Bannon, John Carpenter and Don Coscarelli for their inspiration, you may want to grab a flashlight and pull the covers over your head before you start to read!

Kristina notes that the print version, slated for release next month, will include a bonus story by none other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


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