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Steven H. Silver

Steven H. Silver

We’re very pleased to learn that one of our contributors – Steven H Silver (the period after the ‘H’ is silent) – publisher of Argentus, a long-running fanzine, regular contributor to the SF Site, Best Fanzine and Best Fan Writer Hugo nominee, author and long-suffering (with a smile) perennial con-worker (he’s doing committee work for BOTH Loncon3 and Detcon1 this year), will be – drum roll –

chairing two Nebula Awards – next year’s (to be held in Chicago), which will be the 50th Nebula Awards ceremony AND 2016’s (the 51st) Nebula Awards, also slated for Chicago.

Tickets for the 50th Nebula Awards (June 4-7, Palmer House) will be available after January 15th, 2015.

Congratulations from Amazing Stories to Steven on a singular honor!  (Seems he already has the tuxedo!)

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  1. Jack Clemons says:

    Congrats, Steve (I think). Looked for you at the SFWA booth at Book Expo, but I see you had other demands on you at the moment!

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