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2015: The Hugoing

*Well, we’re one week away from the great reveal and Amazing Stories would like to know what you think is going to happen on Saturday night, August 22nd 2015: Will fandom implode and leave a huge smoking, greenly glowing hole where Spokane once stood? Will picking up a Hugo statue get David Gerrold wrestled to the ground by a SWAT team? Will Gamergaters try to hijack the ceremony by chanting “It’s about ethics in fandom!”? Will Rachel Bloom do an encore performance of her famous song, but with some of the names changed?

Or will things proceed in an orderly and fannishly professional manner, punctuated by a stifled cheer or two as the Puppy nominees are consigned to the ash heap of history?

Amazing Stories wants to know what you think is going to happen, so we’re conducting a simple little poll. Do you think it will be a mixed bag, a Puppy landslide or will Noa Ward become history’s first winner of virtually every short fiction category?

two hugos

*Since we’re going to be away, we decided to publish early

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