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Asni’s Art Blog: Star Wars Popularity Contest: Boba Fett

I've come across quite a staggering amount of Boba Fett art considering that this is at best a secondary character.

Boba Fett (Star Wars Reimagined Challenge), by Anatoly Muschenko – TolyanMy on DeviantArt

I would like to pretend that there is some big master plan behind building up this series of posts on Star Wars fan art to go out with a bang on Boba Fett – but the sad truth is, between playing catch with various deadlines, and doubling as an amateur rabbit surgeon, the deadline for this blog has snuck up on me and I needed something short and sweet with not so many images to process.

While browsing for the other posts in this series, I’ve come across quite a staggering amount of Boba Fett art considering that this is at best a secondary character. Good thing I didn’t actually do a search on Boba Fett, because otherwise this post would have been anything but short. For some weird reason, this particular character has really set off the artistic imaginations.

It remains to be seen if Boba’s successor-of-sorts Captain Phasma will spawn a similar crop of images. But yeah – some people even do Greedo fan art. So there is that.


Boba Fett Star Wars Sketch Card, by Jeff Ward – Stungeon on DeviantArt


Boba Fett, by Tristan Jones – T-RexJones on DeviantArt


Boba On the Lookout, by EmpressOfCombustion on DeviantArt


Phasma, by Michael Edwards – Galactic1977 on DeviantArt


Star Wars Greedo, by Skottie Young – skottieyoung on DeviantArt

All images are copyright the respective artists, and may not be reproduced without permission.

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