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AMAZING NEWS 2-19-2017


Mother Jones on Whitewashing

Cap Punches Out Nazis, in this century

No, there is no comparison between DeVos and Ruby Bridges

What if this happened in your country? (via Ellen Datlow)

Larry Wilmore Shuts Down Milo (on Maher) also Fact Checking the troll


Robert Koenn Wins Multiple Modeling Awards (Check out his modelling posts)

Gardner Fox Planet Stories Collection Released

Wired is Hyped on The Expanse

Tarzan Comics Omnibus

New Release – Mad Shadows II

Whipper-Snappers Read Le Guin

New Release: Fractured Reflections

Purrsonal Mewsings (fanzine)

Tarzan Illo


Jo Walton Wins Skylark

Robert J Sawyer Wins Heinlein


Jim C Hines Braks Down Author Earnings (Pt 1  Pt 2)

MySciFiClub…new book promotion club

Promoting SpecFic in Pakistan (via Ellen Datlow)

Worlds Without Walls Reaches Funding Goal (District of Wonders/StarShip Sofa)

SF Guide Survey (not the city)


India Launches Record Number of Satellites

30 Minutes To Mars (no, not a 50s SF film)

Dubai Has One Person Transport Drones

SpaceX Tries Again (a little while ago when you read this)


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