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Amazing Stories

AMAZING NEWS: 8/20/2017

LATE BREAKING:  Aurora Awards voting opens now!


Eat Cake, Destroy Nazis

LARP Ban:  A Clash of Geeky Cultures

Deadpool2 Stunt Driver Dies


SFFD:  Korean SF & an effort to introduce world SF to the world

Axanar brings us Trek porn without the porn…talk about trying to keep a dream alive

Check out the cover credits

Di Filippo Reviews A Lit Fuse

Help Name StarShipSofa’s Hot Sauce


In Memory of Julie Gomoll

Worldcon ReportHelp add to the Worldcon Glossary

Squeee!  Contribute to the Fangirl experience

Australian Past Blast:  Iota from 1966

NEW RELEASE!  Robert Bloch illustrated by Gahan Wilson…that’s like gold encrusted with diamonds

NEW RELEASE Charles de Lint (via Farrel McGovern)

Nothing says WORLDcon like a Party Hosted by Chinese Fans, in Helsinki, Finland, where Fans Discuss Romanian and Ukranian SF


Femtobot (that’s all we need to say;  curiosity…)

David A. Hardy art

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