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Amazing Stories

AMAZING NEWS: 8/6/2017


They Live!  but Rowdy Roddy Piper didn’t need special sunglasses for this one

Some say every book creates its own universe.  Are we living in this one?

When Idiocy and Hate Work Together

Steve Barnes Prefers Fallout 4 to The Handmaid’s Tale (via Matt Downer)


Star Trek:  Discovery was originally supposed to be an anthology show

Game of Thrones Leaks

Monstrous Family Tree

Not for Muggles:  Potter Lingerie

Pilot (full) Episode of The Tick (not bad….)

Polar Borealis Magazine Looking Good!

Outer Limits House for Sale

Shoulda Been Posted Last Week:  Comics for People Who Don’t Read Comics (via Michael Dean Jackson)


New Release – Intriguing Cover (see our featured image):  After Bees by B.C. Byren:  We’ve an upcoming review of this one

New Release:  Pro Se Publications The Song of Heroes by Nancy A. Hansen

Where to go for Wonderous Podcasts?   Why, the District of Wonders, of course!

Get Paul Weimer’s Fan Fund Trip Report…for a song

Fandom Fest Con Report

Pulp Fest 2017 Con Report (this one just a bit more uplifting than the preceding)

Weirdbook offers Birthday Greetings to Simak

New Release:  The Complete Exploits of Dr. Death


Animate Your Global Warming

Arthur’s Spaceships

Next to Zero Chance the World Can Make Paris Climate Goals

The Headline asks:  How Did Astronomers Miss This?  Funding.

Voyager Engineers Still on the Job

Environmental Curiosities

Curiosity is Five

9 Year Old Applies for NASA Position

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