AMAZING NEWS: 9-24-2017


Hate Crimes on the rise

Synagogue and Church Become Safe Havens During St. Louis Protests

Jews Taking More Precautions During this Year’s High Holy Days (because after 72 years they have to once again)


Reading Makes You Smarter (duh)

If You Are Reading This, You Are Am Unredeemed Sinner. The Rapture Started Yesterday

Fannish Film:  The Thing From the Back Issues

Heliosphere “1632 Minicon”

GRRM Drops Future Hints

Ed Valigursky


No Gaming the System Here, just gaming the system

Rocket Stack Rank Looks at Hard SF Stats

New Release:  The Funeral of Doc Holliday

Suit for Copyright Infringement Case Study

Worldcon 75 BM Videos

Boskone Announces Artist GoH


American Spaceman

Mars Flyer

Cassini’s Last

Who Doesn’t Love a Cool Spiral Galaxy?

Are Smartphones Causing Mental Health Issues?

Can This Star Be Older Than the Universe?

Space X Bloopers.  Next Best Thing to a Launch is an Almost

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