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AMAZING NEWS: 11-5-2017


Brianna Wu for Congress – official campaign donations page  (she’s got a good platform, a good chance and who doesn’t want a Fannish Caucus in Congress?)

An Open Letter on Diversity (via File 770)

Well, That’s One Way To Let Them Know How You Feel

Tax Free Housing for Clergy – Unconstitutional

Pre & Post Photos of Jenner Used for Bathroom Signs


Walking Dead Watchers Speculate That a Major Character Will Die This Season

GoT Dragon Wheelchair Costume

Viewfinder – LaForge Style

Speederbike Costume

Last Jedi – Latest Trailer…and the Extended Version

Randy Rainbow – Sweet Indictment (via Ruby Kapture)


Goblins Kickstarter (who doesn’t want to KICKstart a Goblin?)

Genre Talk Giveaway

SF can be predictive:  Steven Lyle Jordan on Writing About the Decline

Nimoy and Hendrix

Geek & Sundry Set to Release Art Book

Douglas Smith offers free monthly book to members


In Honor of this past Halloween – the Ghost Nebula

and also in honor of this past Halloween – Spooky Space Sounds

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