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The end of 2017 proved to be busy, challenging, and even if I dare say…a lot of fun. I figured that a good way to start of 2018 would be to share the thoughts and photographs of MCM Expo – or Comic Con – from London, the autumn edition. While quite a few of us are buried under mounds of snow and ice, it’s nice to think back to all of the goings on at comic con – all the friends, the food, the displays and vendors, and most of all the great costumes and cosplays (for the distinction see my previous article here).

Displays and Vendors

Here are some of the amazing displays and vendors from the main hall at the Excel Centre in East London:

Costumes and Cosplays

People come from all over the UK, even from Europe, and like myself, the US for Expo. It is one of the largest celebrations of its kind bar none. A lot of time, effort, and money goes into having just the perfect costume. After going to this event for years now and talking with the people there, I’ve found that a majority of them make their own costumes and some of them are near manic about accuracy. Some are a little more relaxed about the whole thing. It’s a nice blend between the two extremes and everything in between. Here are some of the best from Autumn’s convention.

And as always, I like to point out some particular favorites as well as friends and acquaintances.

Injured Flash

Matt (his real name) as the 11th Doctor (kind of scary isn’t it?) Matt has been on TV programs in the UK, even once on Graham Norton when Matt Smith was on

My goofy friend Aaron Turner with Dani Divine, being his goofy self, and as Spiderman with friends

Jesus wants an autograph

Mother and daughter as Morticia and Wednesday Addams

Rick and Morty, with Adventure Time, and Rick Rick Rick Rick, etc.

The Breaking Bad duo

My friend Sam Triggs as the Joker

And my friend Robin Marlow as Watson, and with his mate as Sherlock

Can’t leave out the Incredible Wacky Flailing Armed things

And the Walking Dead

Always a great time at MCM Expo in London (and everywhere else they have them).

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I’m already looking forward to May!

I’ll be there, what about you?

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