Author: Fabien Lyraud

Articles populaires de décembre

Articles populaires de décembre

A round-up of some of December's Amazing Stories blog posts. Read More »

Quand les geeks s’en mêlent

Fandom is once again having an effect on French speculative fiction publishing. Read More »

Articles populaires de novembre

A rundown of articles published by Amazing Stories in November. Read More »

Les femmes dans la SF française

A look at the way French female science fiction writers have struggled to gain acceptance over decades. Read More »

Articles populaires d’octobre

Articles populaires d’octobre

An overview of some of the most popular articles published in Amazing Stories in October, including the publication's return to fiction with four Gernsback Writing Contest winners. Read More »

Rencontre avec les éditions Hydralune

An interview with Hydralune, a collective of nine French authors of speculative fiction. Read More »

Les articles populaires de septembre

A review of many of Amazing Stories' September posts for French readers. Read More »

Les nouvelles small press

An overview of new small presses that publish in French that have been established since the beginning of 2015. Read More »

Articles populaires d’août

Fabien Lyraud gives a rundown of some of the highlights of August's posts on Amazing Stories for French language readers. Read More »

Les auteurs de Fleuve Noir Anticipation

Fabien Lyraud gives an overview of some of the French science fiction authors who were published by the Anticipation imprint of Fleuve Noir. Read More »

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