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Lawrence Keith Tucker To Be Laid To Rest March 7th

Lawrence Keith Tucker To Be Laid To Rest March 7th

Fans got together to make sure that Larry will be memorialized properly. Read More »

Roger Ebert

The Clubhouse: Roger Ebert, Death of a Gafiate

Roger Ebert The death of Pulitzer Prize-winning Chicago film critic Roger Ebert has already been eulogized far and wide. Most of the accolades concentrate, rightfully so, on Ebert’s storied career as a newspaperman and critic and his well-writt... Read More »

Eric Needham, 1955.

The Clubhouse: Widowers, fandom’s answer to the limerick

Eric Needham, 1955. Fans are nothing if not creative and, over the decades, fandom has come up with not only our own jargon and customs, but also our own art forms. We even have a unique verse form, Widowers. Judas hanged himself from a bough A curio... Read More »

fanhistorica by Linda Michaels

The Clubhouse: Save your stuff!

I had hoped to bring you a little photo journal of some of the fans I knew in Detroit and Ann Arbor in the ’70s and ’80s, but alas, such limited pictures as I had were lost in moving, and there is a shocking lack of material relating to ... Read More »

The Clubhouse: Looking for fandom — ConFusion at 40, Part 4

The Clubhouse: Looking for fandom — ConFusion at 40, Part 4

Wherefore fandom? Fandom does not equal “the science fiction market.” To be a fan it’s not enough just to be a consumer of science fiction. To be part of fandom you have to participate in fandom as a community. You have to interact... Read More »


The Clubhouse: ConFusion at 40, Part 3

Immortal ConFusion was rather a bittersweet experience. I hadn’t been to the convention in years, although I attended annually from A² Relax Icon in 1974, up through my college years in Ann Arbor, when I also helped run the con. About the time... Read More »

Nancy Tucker

The Clubhouse: ConFusion at 40, Part 2

Nancy Tucker in costume at ConFusion in 1979. I went to all the early ConFusions. The name change came about, I’m told, because Ro (who informs me her name was then still Nagey, the change to Lutz-Nagey not occurring till a few years later, wit... Read More »

The Clubhouse: ConFusion at 40 (more or less)

The Clubhouse: ConFusion at 40 (more or less)

The Michigan Union, where ConFusion — or something — began. This year was the 40th ConFusion. Or perhaps it will be next year. The numerology of this Michigan convention has always been somewhat doubtful, since its numbering started with 13, unless y... Read More »

The Slan Shack

The Clubhouse: Five words every fan should know

“I have a Cosmic Mind — now what do I do?” The Slan Shack, 25 Poplar St., Battle Creek, Mich., and its denizens, from left: Al Ashley, Abby Lu Ashley, Darlene Ashley, Abby Lu’s son, Thelma Morgan, Ross (last name unknown), Walt L... Read More »

Jack Speer

The Clubhouse: Common language

Jack Speer I said last time that I wasn’t going to debate the definition of “fan” here. But one of the most important defining characteristics of fandom is our shared language. From founding fan Forrest J Ackerman on, fen have delig... Read More »

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