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From the In Box – Cassandra Rose Clarke, Elizabeth Bear, Andy Duncan, Black Science Fiction Society

Angry Robot Signs James A. Moore Strange Chemistry Signs Cassandra Rose Clarke Elizabeth Bear and Andy Duncan accept appointment to the jury for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award Black Science Fiction Society Announes Project Stargazer   ... Read More »

Will the Real Tony Stark Please Stand Up

Will the Real Tony Stark Please Stand Up

Over the past few decades the uber rich have had an increasing influence on our technological future: Peter Diamandis funds various space-oriented X-Prizes, one of which saw the development and successful flight of SpaceShip One.  Soon, very soon, Sp... Read More »

April is National Women’s History Month

Which is kind of short-shrift for women – one month only – considering that homo sap history is women’s history and, like, there’s this whole birth thing which kind of suggests that without women there’d be no history of... Read More »

Get a Button, Badge or Banner From Amazing Stories – for FREE!

Get a Button, Badge or Banner From Amazing Stories – for FREE!

At Long Last…Centuries in the Making!….Like Nothing Ever Seen Before!…..For the First Time Ever!….Is This the Beginning of the End?…or is it just THE END OF THE BEGINNING!?!  Da Da DAAAAAAAAAAA! Almost from our opening d... Read More »

Oh the Hugos, Ahh the Hugos, Ewww The Hugos

Every year, the Hugo Awards -presented by the World Science Fiction Association at its annual event, Worldcon – are announced amidst much internet and real-world coverage and every year the announcement is immediately followed by endorsement an... Read More »

Amazing News

Amazing News

Only one item today:  Your’s truly was interviewed by the prestigious StarShipSofa and its enormously enthusiastic host Tony C. Smith this past Tuesday (at the ungodly hour of 6 am no less).  The interview appears on today’s show = StarSh... Read More »

From the In Box Too/Two

“SHOULD YOU BE BLACKLISTED, MR. CARD?” The SoHo Gallery for Digital Art New York, NY Share this event: Wednesday Apr 10, 2013 7:00 PM – Wednesday Apr 10, 2013 9:00 PM | $12.00 “SHOULD YOU BE BLACKLISTED, MR. CARD?” CO... Read More »

From the In Box: Iain Banks Has Cancer

Update below. via Facebook and SFX, today we learned the sad news that Iain M. Banks has late-stage gall bladder cancer. Iain has written a letter to his fans and readers that you can see here. Our thoughts and best wishes are with Iain and those nea... Read More »

From the In Box

From Lightspeed Magazine – The April 2013 Issue is Now on Sale! Welcome to issue thirty-five of Lightspeed! In this month’s issue, we have original science fiction by Desirina Boskovich (“Deus Ex Arca”) and acclaimed indie bestseller Hugh... Read More »

Top Posts from March & Other Amazing Cool Stuff

Today, on April 1st – and this is no joke – Amazing Stories crosses the 500 posts line.  Congratulations to all of our contributors.  If you would really like to thank them, pay a visit to the staff page, pick a fave and then buy some of ... Read More »

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