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Amazing Stories

Bill Spangler

Caricature by Kira Shumski

Caricature by Kira Shumski

Bll Spangler has been following science fiction in comic book form since he encountered some of the original adventures of Adam Strange, an Earth scientist who fought various menaces on the distant planet Rann. He’s been reading prose science fiction nearly that long. Now he’s hoping to pass along some of those “wow” moments that he experienced, with both comic book and prose stories.

So far, he’s written roughly 140 comic book scripts in a variety of genres, with an emphasis on science fiction. His most recent project was an attempt to revive the classic TV show Tom Corbett, Space Cadet. He has also written original comics based on Robotech; Quantum Leap and Alien Nation, as well as adapting The Time Machine and two stories by Larry Niven into graphic novel form. (The stories were “Death By Ecatasy” and “The Defenseless Dead.”) In addition, he’s created –or co-created—the original characters Bloodwing, Jordan Risk and the Argonauts.

His prose story “Mutual Assured Destruction,” is in the The Green Hornet Chronicles, Vol. 1, from Moonstone Books.

Bill and his wife Joyce live in Southeastern Pennsylvania with their two dogs and a guinea pig.

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