Ira Nayman

nayman iraIra Nayman is a dream you once had that you had dreamed that you had once had a dream. He is the whisper of the ice cream tub that beckons you from the bottom of the freezer when you are trying to finish your yogurt. And fruit. He is the condolence card you receive before you even realize that you are sick. He is the word on the tip of your tongue that you don’t actually know. He is the calm before the boredom. He is the stop light when you’re already late, but at least he has the sense to know that that isn’t ironic, just unfortunate. When he is not being those things – and so many others – he is a humourist who has been writing since he was eight years old. His Web site of social and political satire, Les Pages aux Folles, has been updated weekly with new writing and cartoons since September, 2002. Out of the Web site sprang the Alternate Reality News Service, which sends reporters into other dimensions and has them report back on what they find there. A couple of readers have described it as “a science fiction version of The Onion.” There are currently five books in this series in print; the latest are The Street Finds its Own Uses for Mutant Technologies (a general collection of articles) and The Alternate Reality News Service’s Guide to Love, Sex and Robots (a collection of humourous science fiction advice columns). Ira has had two novels published by Elsewhen Press: Welcome to the Multiverse* and You Can’t Kill the Multiverse**. They follow the adventures of investigators for the Transdimensional Authority, which monitors and polices traffic between dimensions. You Can’t Kill the Multiverse** features a guest appearance by a Michael Moorcock character. Ira has also had several short stories published in anthologies, most part of a series that takes place after all matter in the universe at all levels of organization, from the smallest sub-atomic particles to solar systems, galaxies and the universe itself, has become conscious. These stories feature Antonio Van der Whall, object psychologist. In a life in what only seems like another universe, Ira has a BFA from York University, a Masters degree from the New School for Social Research and a PhD from McGill University. He lectured part-time in the Communications Department of Ryerson University for five years. His non-fiction writing has appeared in such publications as Creative Screenwriting and Reel Independence. Oh, and Ira’s Web Goddess tells him he doesn’t mention that he won the 2010 Swift Satire Writing Competition often enough. So…there. * Sorry for the Inconvenience ** But You Can Mess With its Head Read Ira’s Posts

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