An Interview with Stephanie Osborne

Adam Gaffen for Amazing Stories: Welcome!  It seems appropriate that there’s a science fiction author who is a rocket scientist; how did one lead to the other? Stephanie Osborne: Thank you! And thank you for asking to interview me. My interest ... Read More »

Video: Cory Doctorow in Concord NH

Cory Doctorow made a stop at Gibson’s Bookstore (oldest book store in NH) yesterday, Sunday February 24th.  Amazing Stories was there to tape the event, one stop of a 24 city tour promoting Cory’s latest NY Times Bestseller – Homela... Read More »

An Interview with Indie Author Joshua P. Simon

An Interview with Indie Author Joshua P. Simon

Last week I reviewed some tales by newcomer and indie author Joshua P. Simon.  This week I’m following those reviews up by interviewing the author himself.  This is something I plan on doing from time to time, following up a review with an inte... Read More »

Halo Jones Interview with Ian Gibson

Before From Hell, before Watchmen, before The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, there was The Ballad of Halo Jones. Co-created by writer Alan Moore and artist Ian Gibson, Halo Jones was a space opera about a young woman who is swept up in a vast gal... Read More »

Interview: John DeNardo of SF Signal

SF Signal is a phenomenon.  This past year at the Chicon 7 Worldcon, the website was nominated in two categories – Best Fanzine and Best Fancast – and walked home with the honors in the Fanzine category, the first website to do so, and in... Read More »

I, Shebot

I, Shebot

If this photo gives you the creeps, congratulations, you may be human. But in another few years, it may not be so easy to tell. And as usual, science fiction is largely to blame. Read More »

What is the Optimal Human Population? Lessons From the Novels of Stephen Baxter

What is the Optimal Human Population? Lessons From the Novels of Stephen Baxter

Are there too many people on the planet? Science fiction bears much of the responsibility for spreading this meme, which can be unpleasantly tinged with racism. But now and again a great science fiction author develops a more inspiring and pro-human ... Read More »

A Conversation with Kevin J. Anderson

We’re heeeeere! Today’s interview is with Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times Bestselling author. Probably best-known for his contributions to the Star Wars universe and his Dune prequels with Brian Herbert, Kevin is currently hard at work ... Read More »

An Interview with K. D. Emerson

Adam Gaffen for Amazing Stories Magazine: Our first Interview is with K.D. Emerson, author of – well, let’s just get right into this, shall we? What is the title of your book? K. D. Emerson: Oooh lala! I love this question because the title of ... Read More »

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