Science Fiction

No. 4 – H. G. Wells, The Time Machine, War of the Worlds, and the Social Impacts of Science

I suspect what most people remember most about H. G. Wells gets confused with Orson Welles, the actor. You know, that infamous radio announcement? When the radio started blaring out reports on Halloween, 1938, that New Jersey was being invaded by ali... Read More »

A New Generation of Star Wars

A couple of months ago came an announcement that caught many of off-guard. The announcement I refer to is that of the Star Wars franchise being sold to Disney and the plan of a new trilogy to be released that follows Return of the Jedi and further p... Read More »

“I Like Science Fiction, It’s Got Like Giant Robots and Stuff, Right?” Science Fiction’s Self-Esteem Problem Part III: Robots, Reboots and Remakes. How Hollywood Kills Serious Science Fiction

The only time the public pays attention to Science Fiction is when that great machine of mass marketing and “entertainment” called Hollywood inundates the collective consciousness with that most dreaded of phenomena: the Summer Blockbuster. But isn’t... Read More »

Art + Fandom ≠ Fan Art: Definitions

Art + Fandom ≠ Fan Art: Definitions

Before I get properly rolling with this blog, I thought it might be worth taking a moment to stake out the territory I plan to cover. This website, and these blogs, are all about fandom, and so it might be expected that the art I am posting here will... Read More »

The Speed of Science

Science deals with a lot of high speed phenomena, like the speed of sound and the speed of light, which can make the topic seem fast and exciting.  We also see science news on tv and the internet, and there always seems like there’s a nifty new... Read More »

Ready When You Are, JJ

They’ve really done it now. It’s over. First George Lucas sold Luke, Obi Wan, Princess Leia, Han and all the others into eternal indentured servitude on the Disney Plantation. Lucas, once a man with ideas and at least a Saturday matinee kind of visio... Read More »

Science Fiction Poetry

Unlike most of the other bloggers here at Amazing Stories, I’m just a fan-girl. Not a writer. And I don’t claim to be a particular expert on anything (except maybe Hildegard von Bingen and Baroque vocal music – but that’s not really what you’re here ... Read More »

Steve Stiles A Retrospective

Steve Stiles is a living double entendre:  not only does he draw icons of the field, he is an icon of the field. If brushing twilltone off your lap after reading is a familiar experience, Mr. Stiles will need no introduction.  You have no doubt marve... Read More »

Time Travel Defined: A device for repairing a poorly thought out plot. Usually.

Time travel is one of those devices that seems to turn up eventually in most long running Science Fiction shows, particularly in the later seasons when they’ve worked out their main story arc already. I’ve come to recognize a particular s... Read More »

What is the Optimal Human Population? Lessons From the Novels of Stephen Baxter

What is the Optimal Human Population? Lessons From the Novels of Stephen Baxter

Are there too many people on the planet? Science fiction bears much of the responsibility for spreading this meme, which can be unpleasantly tinged with racism. But now and again a great science fiction author develops a more inspiring and pro-human ... Read More »

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