#1 AMAZING STORIES CLASSIC COVER: Ice Skating on Saturn’s Moon

26-04 AMZ 4-26 cover poster color 150

#1 AMAZING STORIES CLASSIC COVER: Ice Skating on Saturn’s Moon


A poster of the cover of the April 1926 issue of Amazing Stories


Product Description

26-04 AMZ 4-26 cover poster color 150April, 1926.Science Fiction (or, more properly, scientifiction) is born!  Hugo Gernsback releases the very first issue of Amazing Stories.  (And to be more precise, Amazing Stories was the advent of magazines devoted exclusively to the genre, not the actual birth of this form of fiction.)

Our posters are produced from high resolution scans of actual collected issues of the magazine.  You’ll notice that sometimes the names or some of the illustration or even the title gets cropped a little tight – this was the result of the manner in which these pulps were bound and printed.

This is an authentic pulp magazine cover poster.

We’ve made them available in two sizes – 24″x36″ and 18″x24″, on heavy duty poster stock, suitable for framing or tacking to the wall.

(Note that the images on the website and in our store are lower resolution reproductions.  The posters themselves are printed from 600 dpi color scans.)

And here is a gallery of all 48 Amazing Stories, Amazing Stories Annual and Amazing Stories Quarterly magazine covers that are on offer.  Pick your favorite – or collect them all!

Additional Information

Poster Size

Large – 24×36, Medium – 18×24