Eric Brown Interview

Eric Brown is the author of over forty books including Helix and Kethani. His latest novel, The Serene Invasion features an eerie conquest of earth that sweeps away the old order without a drop of bloodshed. Unseen and without warning, extraterrestri... Read More »

Steampunk: An Overview of an Up and Coming Genre

Steampunk: An Overview of an Up and Coming Genre

Strap on your goggles, fire up the boiler and let’s lift off toward adventure. Its time to tackle the wonderful world of steampunk! So what is steampunk exactly? Surprisingly it is difficult to describe, even couldn’t give m... Read More »

Sense of Wonder #2 – From the Movies

Earlier I wrote about what Damon Knight characterized as “a sense of wonder” that emerges at times in a science fiction story, or as in the case of this blog entry, in a movie. I said that the sense of wonder was “when we come across a scene or image... Read More »

Thinking Outside the Boiler: A Few Novels Not Always Classified as Steampunk

Taking a short break from science horror to talk some more about steampunk, because our superior mechanical overlords assure me it’s the next big thing. But what exactly is steampunk? Instead of wading into a potentially contentious debate abou... Read More »

Moonlight and Manners: A Review of Goblin Moon by Teresa Edgerton

There was already awareness that a new strain of fantasy had developed when Donald G. Keller first labeled it “fantasy of manners” in his article “The Manner of Fantasy,” published in the April 1991 issue of The New York Revie... Read More »


Crossroads: The Western Hero in Speculative Fiction

Someone once said that every story starts with someone either coming to town, or leaving town. And there is no genre for which this adage holds more true than the western. It probably takes us all of a second and a half to recognize the western hero,... Read More »

I’ve Got This Idea…

When I was a kid I was awed by the adult section of the library. So many books! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. Where would I start? I was a voracious reader and by the time I was finally allowed to borrow from the main floor I’d long run ou... Read More »

Review: The Wizard of OZ: A Steampunk Adventure by S.D. Stuart

We interrupt your regularly scheduled coverage on SF detectives to bring you this… As a kid, I used to love watching the 1939 film Wizard of Oz. My parents had recorded it on VHS so I could watch it again and again whenever I wanted. Of course... Read More »

No. 3 – Jules Verne, From The Earth To The Moon, and Space Opera.

Jules Verne hovers between number two and number three on the list of the most translated books worldwide and I think it’s deserved. He became one of the earliest science fiction writers to make it financially from book sales. He is frequently referr... Read More »

Doctor Who and the Strange Victorians

Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction can exist in the real world, or create hermetic worlds of their own. Which is to say genre fiction can follow the rules of the real world, or make its own rules up, ignoring reality completely. Most genre fiction f... Read More »

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