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1000thpostToday Amazing Stories achieves a milestone in publishing its 1,000th post (and then some!)

When this project first began – the resurrection of the world’s first science fiction magazine – I had high hopes, huge ambitions and a tremendous amount of faith in the genre community;  faith that its members would live up to the ideals of fandom that we all hold so dear and wish so fervently were practiced on a regular, daily basis. That we are moving towards a day when those ideals become the defacto modus operandi for our society is reflected in the tremendous amount of participation, support and good wishes that Amazing has been receiving almost from its inception.

At present, Amazing Stories has over 100 regular contributors (some posting weekly, others occasionally and many on schedules in-between) writing on subjects ranging from science to culture and covering all aspects of the genre-fan world, from SF to the Pulps, from comics to film, to writing techniques and publishing advice.  We’ve broken the language barrier, publishing posts in English, Spanish and will soon be adding French.

Amazing’s progress has not gone unrecognized;  well ahead of schedule the website was invited to become a client of one of the web’s leading advertising firms, we are being approached by an increasing number of PR & marketing companies seeking to use the site as an outlet for their promotions and – if the reports from conventions are accurate – we’re being talked about on a regular basis – and in a positive manner!

Fans invented the word EGOBOO for moments such as this.  That word doesn’t mean over-weening pride, it means recognition of a job well done in the best traditions of Fandom.  A tradition that emphasizes shared effort and shared credit.  So to everyone who is working for the site, to everyone who has offered a word of encouragement and to all of our readers and members – THANK YOU!  We could not have gotten to this moment without you.  This Egoboo is YOURS!


Since we began public operations in December of 2012, the website has published an eclectic, informative, provocative and far-ranging series of posts.  The website’s objective was to regularly offer content on multiple subjects of interest to fans.  Those interest areas include Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror literature (and all of their varied sub-genres from Urban Fantasy to SF Romance) as well as those genre’s expressions in other media – the pulps, television, film, the visual arts, audio works, comics and graphic stories, the history of the genre, the culture(s) in which they are expressed, the science that informs so much of it, not to mention fandom itself. Included below are archived collections arranged by various post categories.  Take a look and see where we’ve been and you’ll have an excellent idea of where we are going:







2 thoughts on "One Thousand Posts"

  1. Otto66 says:

    Congratulation on reaching your first milestone. When I first read about your endeavor it was with scepticism since, well, there was already SO much on the web. But you turned me into a believer and I now am an advocate of this site. Which proves the point that when something is done right by people with passion for their work it will succeed.
    Best of luck in the coming years.

    1. Otto – thank you very much, your words mean a lot!

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