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AMAZING NEWS: 1/1/2017

NOTES:  Some items may be dated (then again, some stories are never dated!)


Studying the Spread of Ignorance

It’s Alt to the Right

Women Scientist’s Open Letter (via Mary Blake)

Scientists Watching Trump

Techies Pledge “No” to Muslim Registry


More Gernsback Than You Can Shake a Telephot At

Serial Story (via File770)

I’m Dreaming of a face-hugger Christmas, just like the ones Kane used to know….

GOTG Trailer (Mix Tape 2 Coming Soon!)

40 Best SF TV Shows?

Analog issues found in long lost bomb shelter

LOTR Film at 15

Disney’s Avatar Theme Park


New Releases:  McCann Collection

More Kimmel Koming

Flare from Pro Se

Wilma Shore Fiction 

Lunacon 2017

Catch Up with Writer Beware

European SF Awards

Interview with King Kong vs Tarzan author

When Writing About the “Alt-right”

Okorafor on the Sofa


Trump to Gut NASA Earth Sciences

“Damn your eyes!” – Astronaut eyeballs are stretching

Gaming Algorithms Can Make Hitler the Good Guy

Nature Photos are Awesome!

New Year’s Comet


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