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AMAZING NEWS: 3-12-2017


Gamergaters Confess to Stalking & Harassment…NO Charges Filed

CIA Hacking

Atwood Cautions Feminists

97 Ways to Say “Get out of ‘merika” (disgusting)

Health Note:  Lyme Disease Spreading

Fake News Site Sucks in Those Goofy Trump Supporters


New Trek Captain Announced (character name “the Orca”?)

Review of 1962 Amazing and Fantastic

David Brin:  Next Crisis, Please

Just How Big Was the Enterprise?

Skywalker’s First Words

Mark Hamill’s Hair

King Kong

Flash Gordon Panels



Time for ALPO?  The Puppies are Tired

More Encounters with Tired Puppies

NYRSF Presents the Older Brothers

Karen Joy Fowler to Speak at Gunn Center

New Release: The Art of the Pulps

Space Squid Magazine (talking Atwoods…?)

Worlds Without End Stretching…

Yes, that’s my niece on that Romance novel cover


…and here you thought that non-airborne pathogens were ‘safer’…

Martian Magnets!

Jimmy Likes These Shoes!  They Look Good on Jimmy!  Jimmy Can Run Fast!

Oldest Fossils Could Be 4.3 Billion Years Old:  Implications for Exo-Life

Pluto May Become A Planet Again

Blue Origin Has a Customer

House Passes NASA Bill

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