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AMAZING NEWS: 3-5-2017


BBT Leads Take Pay Cut So Female C-Stars Can Get Raises

Takei Tweets Trumps 

Record Breaking Number of Black Stars Get Oscars

Toys Monitoring Kids Over the Internet

Epic Publishing Deal

Women of NASA Lego Set Approved

If You Were A Puppy….

Mansplaining Explained With Pictures (So men might get it…)

Trump on Meeting With Putin…or Not Meeting with Putin

Biology Teacher Stomps on Transphobe Arguments


Gimme Some of That Old Time Buck Rogers Stuff


The von Braun Story in Comics

More ERB Comics

That sure does look like a prototype of Wallace to me (Wallace and Gromit)

Young People Read Old Joanna Russ


StarShipSofa Anthology Reaching Stretch Goals…Say Hello to Chip!


100 Writers of African SF Interview Series

DUFF Ballot

New Releases:  Aqueduct Press releases Boundaries, Border Crossings and Reinventing the Future

Spoor on Axanar and IP


Private Moon Trip


That Quokka pic was so adorable, I had to include the whole thing here:

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