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Amazing Stories

Hugo Awards Ceremony In Memoriam


Scott Alter (b.1953) August 10, Fan
Ruth Stuart (b.1964) August 12, Fan
Kenny Baker (b.1934) August 13, Actor
Warren Johnson (a.k.a. Whisky) (b.1970) August 13, Fan
Robert C. Peterson (b.1921) August 15, Fan
Victor Mora (a.k.a. R. Martin) (b.1931) August 17, Comics Author
Sören Cardfeldt August 19, Fan
M.K. Wren (b.Martha Kay Renfroe, 1938) August 20, Author
Michel Butor (b.1926) August 24, Critic
Gene Wilder (b.Jerome Silberman, 1933) August 29, Actor, Hugo Winner
Robert C. Lee (b.1931) August 31, Author
Peter Bromley (b.1956) September 2, Game Designer
Bill Woodrow (b.1970) September 4, Fan
Duane E. Graveline (b.1931) September 5, Author, Astronaut
Hugh Zachary (a.k.a. Zach Hughes, Evan Innes, Pablo Kane, Peter Kanto)(b.1928) September 5, 2016, Author
Brian Lewis September 7, Fan
Barry R. Levin (b.1946) September 14, Bookseller
David Keith Mano (b.1942) September 14, Author
W.P. Kinsella (b.1935) September 16, Author
Dave Kyle (b.1919) September 18, Fan, Publisher, Worldcon Chair, Worldcon GoH
Bernard Bergonzi (b.1929) September 20, Author
Robert Weinberg (b.1946) September 25, Author, Collector, Worldcon Special Award Recipient
D. Douglas Fratz (b.1952) September 27, Fan
Jorge de Abreu (b.1963) September 28, Author
Lucy Stern September 28, Fan
Kira Heston (b.Kimberly Heston, 1969) September 30, Filker
JoEllyn Davidoff (b.1963) October 1, Filker
Kate Yule (b.1961) October 4, Fan
Howard Harrison (b.1961) October 5, Filker
Arthur Jean Cox (a.k.a. Gene Cross) (b.1929) October, Fan, Author
Bill Warren (b.1943) October 7, Critic
Robert A. Rosenberg (b.1947)October 8, 2016, Fan
Paul Brazier (b.1950) October 10, Fan
Per G. Hvidsten (a.k.a. Per G. Olsen ) (b.1944) October 11, Fan
Ed Gorman (a.k.a. E.J. Gorman, Robert David Chase, and Daniel Ransom) (b.1941) October 14, Author
Dennis Cummins (b.1951), October 18, Author
Richard Cavendish (b.1930) October 21, Author
Martin Aitchison (b.1919) October 22, Artist
Steve Dillon (b1962) October 22, Artist
Norman F. Stanley (b.1916) October 22, Fan
Sheri S. Tepper (b.Sheri Stewart Douglas, 1929) October 22, Author
Leslie Lupien (b.1921) October 25, Fan
Cornel Robu (b.1938) October 27, Critic
Ellen Key Harris-Braun (b.1960) October 28, Editor
Natalie Babbitt (b.1932) October 31, Author
Massimo Mongai (b.1950) November 1, Author
Alex Hamilton (a.k.a. Donald Speed) (b.1930) November 2, Author, Editor
John Calvin Rezmerski (b.1942) November 5, Academic
Wil Baden (b.1928) November 9, Fan
Amy Sefton November 9, Fan
André Reullen (a.k.a. Kurt Steiner (b.1922) November 10, Author
Kenichiro Takai (b.1937) November 14, Author
Sabina Theo (b.1977) November 16, Author
Gino Gavioli (b.1923) November 19, Cartoonist
Lon Atkins November 28, Fan
Paul A. Carter (b.1926) November 28, Author
Joe Dever (b.1952) November 30, Author
Marcel Gottlieb (ak.a. Gotlib) (b.1934) December 4, Comic Author
Patricia Robins (b .1921) December 4, Author
Bill Dunbar December 4, Fan
Richard Purtill (b.1931) December 4, Academic
John Glenn (b.1921) December 8, Astronaut
Robert Scholes (b.1929) December 9, Academic
Richard Kyle December 10, Fan, Bookseller
Nila Thompson (b.1954) December 10, Fan
Robert Stiller (b.1928) December 10, Translator
Kathleen Meyer (b.1948) December 13, Fan, Worldcon Chair
Rochelle Uhlenkott (a.k.a. Rochelle Marie) (b.1960) mid-December, Author
Piers Sellers (b.1955) December 23, Astronaut
Richard Adams (b.1956) December 24, Author
Linn Prentis (b.Eliza Linn Prentis, 1944) December 24, Agent
Carrie Fisher (b.1956) December 27, Actress, Author
Roger Leiner (b.1955) December 29, Cartoonist


Ivo Brešan (b.1936) January 3, Playwright
Igor Volk (b.1937) January 3, Cosmonaut
Peter Weston (b.1944) January 5, Fan, Worldcon Chair, Worldcon GoH, Hugo Manufacturer
John Packer  January 7, Artist
James C. Christiansen (b.1942) January 8, Artist
Hilary Bailey (b.1936) January 11, Author, Editor
Vicky Stock (b.1979) January 11, Fan
William Peter Blatty (b.1928) January 12, Author
Mark Fisher (b.1968) January 14, Critic
Babbett Cole (b.1949) January 15, Author
Annemarie van Ewijck (a.k.a. Annemarie Kindt) (b.1943) January 15, Fan, Translator
Eugene Cernan (b.1934) January 16, Astronaut
Mike Dickinson (b.1948) January 20, Fan
Sarah Prince January 20, Fan
Larry Smith (b.1946) January 20, Bookseller
Emma Tennant (b.1937) January 20, Author
Buchi Emecheta (b.1944) January 25, Author
John Hurt (b.1940) January 27, Actor
William Melvin Kelley (b.1937) February 1, Author
Jonathan Matson (b.c.1950) February 1, Agent
Richard Hatch (b.1945) February 7, Actor
Lars Erik Helin (b.1937), February 7, Fan
Tzvetan Todorov (b.1939) February 7, Critic
Edward Bryant (b.1945) February 10, Author, Worldcon Toastmaster
Gino D’Achille (b.1935) February 10, Artist
Dahlov Ipcar (b.1917) February 10, Author, Artist
Dave Holmes February 13, Fan, Bookseller
Börje Crona (b.1932) February 14, Author
Loren Wiseman February 15, Game Designer
Alan Aldridge (b.1943) February 17, Artist
Thomas Endrey (b.1940) mid-February, Fan
Nancy Willard (b.1936) February 22, Author
Susan Casper (b.1947) February 24, Author
Martin Deutsch February 24, Fan
John R. Newell (a.k.a. Klon) (b.1935) February 25, Bookseller
Thomas Endrey (b.1940) mid-February, Fan
Bernie Wrightson (b.1948) March 18, Artist
Robert Neagle (b.1955) March 22, Fan
Marie Jakober (b.1941) March 26, Author
Michael Levy (b.1950) April 3, Fan, Academic, Editor
Waldemar Kumming (b.1924) April 5, Fan, Big Heart Recipient
Patricia McKissak (b.1944) April 7, Author
Karrie Dunning April 11, Fan
V. E. Mitchell (b.1954) April 13., Author
Martin Greim (b.19442) April 15, Fan
Richard Dalby (b.1949), April 21, Academic
William Hjortsberg (b.1941) April 22, Author
Patrick Meadows (b.1934) April 22, Author
Roger C. Schlobin (b.1944) April 25, Academic
Elmer Sharp (b.1953) April 27, Fan
Rich Tucholka (b.1954) April 27, Game Designer
Grania Davis (b.1943) April 28, Author
Anne Dick (b.Anne Williams Rubinstein, 1927) April 28, Author
Howard Frank (b.1941) May 1, Collector
Ama Patterson (b.1961) May 1, Author
Doreen Rogers (b. Doreen Parker) May 3, Fan
Yves Velan (b.1925) May 6, Author
Alan Austin May 9, Fan, Bookseller
Louis Charbonneau (b.1924) May 11, Author
Karen Davidson (b.Karen Giglio, 1958) May 19, Fan, Publisher
Bob Beese June 2, Fan
James Vance (b.1953) June 5, Comic Author
Adam West (b.William West Anderson, 1928)  June 9, Actor
Morton N. Cohen (b.1921) June 12, Critic
Ulf Stark (1944) June 13, Author
John Dalmas (b.John Jones, 1926) June 15, Author
William F. Touponce (b.1948) June 15, Academic
Sergio Altieri (b.1952) June 16, Author
Rodney Leighton (b.1948)  June 18, Fan
Stewart Wieck (b.1968) June 22, Game Designer
William Sanders (b.1942) June 29, Author, Editor
Dwain Kaiser (b.1947) July 3, Fan, Bookseller
George A. Romero (b.1940) July 16, Director
Jeff Carlson (b.1969) July 17, Author
Lee Henderson (b.) July 17, Fan
Jordin Kare (b.1956) July 19, Filker
Alan Dorey (b.1958) July 24, Bookseller
June Foray (b.1917) July 26, Actress

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  1. jeffbaker307 says:

    “And may God bless!”

  2. stevefah says:

    A couple of these names come as a complete surprise to me. We will definitely miss these folks!

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