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Amazing Stories

A Fantastic Reversal

On one of his adventures, Pecos Bill managed to lasso a tornado.
25 May 2013, 13:23:08

Rumors are flying that Amazing Stories is counting down until lift off. As has been the case in the past, this amazing magazine will weigh heavy in science fiction, leaving streams of fantastical exhaust in its wake. It’s time, I suppose for fantasy writers to broaden their horizons, or would it be better said, open their portals. No longer will unicorns fly with wings, but rather in jet streams; not over rainbows but over galaxies. No longer will dragons breathe fire, but solar rays, and alas the heroes with bows and arrows and shining swords will find their gauntlets glowing as they wield lasers in their stead. Mountains will implode into craters, and rivers will vaporize. The centurion’s chariots will be driven with galloping robotic squid (or something of that sort). Dare we take the leap? Is it possible that our imaginations can handle a trip to outer space? Or better under a microscope in the science lab? What strange tales could come of this, should fantasy gears be reversed, worlds unbuilt, and exploding stars lassoed by strange cowboys riding cougars?.

I see a puzzled hobbit scratching his head.

And a drawing board revisited.

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