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AMAZING NEWS: 03/11/2018

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Women’s History Month Finds Barbie Celebrating Influential Women 

Jane Goodall:  Words of Wisdom

Here are the Leading Voices of Hispanic Science Fiction

Medicine Has a Sexism Issue

As we descend beneath the waves, we are treated to the sight of a school of plastic bag fish…

Holocaust Museum Revokes Award Over Rohingya Refugees

NH Votes to Add Transgenders to Discrimination Protections (sorta kinda makes up for its vote in 2016)


A Sad:  A Wrinkle Doesn’t Quite LIve Up To Its Promise

Black Panther Earns Over 1 Billion

World Photography Contest Photos

Fish Sex:  A Movie

I don’t even…A Cartoon

Robert McCall Space Art

Sci-Fi-O-Rama:  Art

Titan Trailer Call Me Joe, Man Plus, they should have titled this one “Derivatives”

Battletech Coming Back?

The New Model Ray Guns Are Out!

The Mouse Ate Star Wars


SFWA March Market Report

Down Under Scam Fund from Wruter Beware

TAFF Race Voting Ends Soon

SFRB Announces Weekly Promo Campaign

Another Mexicanx Initiative

Bad Contracts:  Random House Answers SFWA


Venus Returns to the Dusky Sky

Time for Jupiter’s Beauty Shots

Giant Space Structures May Follow Quantum Rules

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