Amazing Stories

AMAZING NEWS: 3-4-2018


Stats Show “RAMPANT” Sexual Abuse in Hollywood.  Well…duh?

Florida Teacher Sneaks White Supremacist Ideology Into Public School

Actor Breaking SF’s “Glass Ceiling”

Capitalism Drives Inequality

Creepy People and their Art

The “Crazy Years” (a special Social Section) Hannity Asks Democrats About Right Wing Art


The Shape of Water May Break the Oscars

Paul Levinson’s Filk Songs

Creature Features Gallery

Musk Malaise

Where’d the expression “like tears in rain” really come from?

The March Pablo Lennis is here


Genre Talk announces Through My Lens release

SF Romance Brigade Opens Up Book Promotion

AD FREE StarShipSofa


Venus Returns to the sky

Volcanoes From Spaaaaace!

Deep Space Engine’s Ignition Test

Flying Brains in Space (Shades of Captain Future)

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