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Bill Finger Award Goes to Women for the First Time

White House Cancels Greenhouse Gas Research

Valedictorian and Assault Survivor Silenced by School Administration

“Diversity is a bunch of crap”, says a GOP Candidate who probably won’t get elected

Chicken Little is Almost a Reality (Meatless bugers that bleed!  Mmmm, Sooo appetizing!)

Climate Visuals for Climate Deniers

White Hat Hacker Tells You What Not To Do Online

Our Idiot President:  Separation of Families at the Border is a “negotiating” tool

Google Having a Hard Time Retaining All But Asian Minorities

Ending Workplace Harassment Doesn’t Stop With Outing the Creeps


Late Night with Stephen Colbert Targets Online Trolls

New Wonder Woman Costume Revealed

Deacon Blackfire returns in Detective Comics #982

Oceans 8 Tops Solo

New Shows on Netflix

Doctor Ian Malcolm Solves Jurassic Park Mysteries

Martin Scorsese & Joaquin Phoneix Teamed and Greenlit for Joker Origin Film

Your Future Awaits

Are Westworld’s Robots the Future of Robotics?

Star Trek Episode BEM

Democratic Socialists in Space!

David Hardy Art:  Fungi in Space!


In Support and Celebration of Pride Month, Rocket Stack Rank Offers Outstanding LGBTQI SF&F of 2017

Interview with Steve Davidson in N3F’s Ionisphere 10 Zine

Does Star Trek Continuity Mattter Anymore?  (Probably not, why should it be any different than Star Wars?)

Convention Costuming History Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

J&T Books:  The Little Anthology Publishers That Could!

Rick Baker Sounds Off on CGI (after making puking noises)

John W. Campbell Jr’s BIrthplace

Handmaid’s Tale Turning Into Misogyny Porn (and there’s already plenty of that)

Fangrrl June Book Picks


Scientists Uncover a Protien That “Turns On” Cell Death

Commencement Speech Emphasizes Using AI to Eliminate Human Biases (as opposed to eliminating humans)

Turn Sequestered Carbon Dioxide Into Gasoline?

Previously Lost Apollo Data Solves Moon Mystery

THIS Is Why we should be exploring Mars with Camels:  Curiosity Shut Down by Monster Sand Storm

NSFW:  Sex Dolls Now Incorporating “learning” Software (Harry Mudd is not amused)

Antarctic Ice Melting (Way) Faster Than Predicted

Study Investigates How Many People Should Crew a Generation Ship

SpinLaunch Aims to Make Astronauts VERY Nauseaus

Science Averse NASA Director Talks NASA

Dwarf Galaxies Producing ‘Too Many’ Massive Stars

This Bacteria Might Thrive on Mars

More “Planet” Pluto Debate

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