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Author: Monique Jacob

It Takes a Community

It Takes a Community

Writing is a lonely job. I wish I was one of those... Read More »

Those Early Readers

In Those Early Drafts, I looked at the sometimes c... Read More »

Those Early Drafts

Those Early Drafts

When is a story fit to be read? It depends on who’... Read More »

Follow-Up and Follow Through

Writing a blog about writing has led me to a lot o... Read More »

How Young is a Young Adult?

The science fiction novels I read as a teen weren’... Read More »

Life Cycle of a Novel

Life Cycle of a Novel

Some writers work from an outline, others just win... Read More »

An Interview with Author Astra Crompton

An Interview with Author Astra Crompton

Writing a novel is a huge amount of work. A giant ... Read More »

Buddy, can you spare some time?

Writing a book takes up a good chunk of your time,... Read More »

The Long and the Short Of It

So you’ve got this great idea bouncing around in y... Read More »

I’ve Got This Idea…

When I was a kid I was awed by the adult section o... Read More »

That Next Project

So you’ve finally finished writing your book. The ... Read More »

Edit Edit Edit Edit — Are We Done Yet?

So, your manuscript keeps getting rejected, again ... Read More »

Zoe Duff – Independent Publisher

What do you do when you’re writing in multiple gen... Read More »

Rejection Slip Scrapbook

We all deal with rejection in our own way. To some... Read More »

To Query or Not to Query

There are two words in the English language that n... Read More »

A Novel Dilemma

How do you get published when the rules and the ma... Read More »

Nothing New Under the Sun

How does an editor manage to still be moved by a s... Read More »

It’s Getting Crowded In Here

Who decides what makes a good book? How does an ed... Read More »

What Was I Thinking?

I’ve never written a blog. I’ve never had the urge... Read More »